Dressage Q & A with Janet Foy


Dressage Q & A with Janet Foy, by Janet Foy
If you are already riding on a Grand Prix level, chances are you already know a good deal of the contents of this book from years of experience. But if you are relatively new to the discipline, you’ll get a lot out of this question-and-answer format instruction by the author of Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse. The author inserts many analogies to help the reader form an idea of what is needed, such as the handshake comparison to rein contact: the “dishrag” lacks direction and leads to contempt; the “bone-crusher” is asserting too much dominance and will invoke resentment; a firm handshake instills confidence as well as sending the correct amount of signal to the horse. Easy to read and absorb.

Paperback, 141 pages