The Derrydale Prints


The Derrydale Prints, by John T. Ordeman.
The Derrydale Press published a number of sporting books and prints during the first half of the 20th Century; this book is the first illustrated catalogue raisonne of the prints. We have a handful of the 1700 regular edition copies that were published in 2005 by the Sporting Gallery in New Jersey. The book contains a number of color reproductions of Derrydale prints and brief biographies of the artists, as well as a brief history of the Derrydale Press. Many aspects of the sporting life are included, from fishing to foxhunting to racing to cockfighting, and much more. The quality of the Derrydale prints was very high compared to many other common reproductions issued at the time, and thus they are in high demand. An index in the back lists all known Derrydale prints, their date of issuance, number issued, and image size.

Hardcover, 128 pages