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The Prophet of Paradise


The Prophet of Paradise by J. Harris Anderson
Following a riding accident, one of the joint masters of the Montfair Hunt, Ryman McKendrick, begins a series of events that lead to his becoming convinced he is a disciple of Saint Hubert and must go about persuading the members of his hunt to follow the mantra of the Church of Ars Venatica which he “establishes.” His persistence annoys and perplexes his fellow joint master and leads to stern warnings from the governing body of the foxhunting community. A local minister also takes umbrage and begins a strong counterattack from his pulpit, and Ryman begins getting anonymous threats. The members of the hunt, however, are enjoying the best hunting season ever as Ryman leads them to foxes in the most unlikely places that give them great runs. As an added plus, their libido seems to be increasing with each hunt. (Note: there is some graphic sex and strong language, making this unsuitable for young readers. “Venery” has two connotations!)

Paperback, 502 pages