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The Foxhunter's Guide to Life and Love


The Foxhunter's Guide to Life & Love by J. Harris Anderson
Humorous, lighthearted, and earnestly practical advice to improve your love life, and your love OF life.

J. Harris Anderson’s popular character Thumper Billington is at a crossroads in his life. A brief and impetuous marriage has ended, a new person has captured his interest. Has she captured his heart too? How can he assure this new relationship will be the one he’s always hoped for?

An avid foxhunter, he comes to a compelling realization: Life is about The Chase. Through a series of stories and lessons, told with wry humor and sprinkled with a wealth of practical tips, Thumper brings the reader along on his journey of discovery.

Whatever you're chasing -- an enriched relationship, overcoming challenges, learning a new skill -- this book reveals the principles of the Foxhunter Model, a guide that anyone can use to get more out of life. It's Dave Barry meets Rita Mae Brown meets Dr. Phil!

Paperback, 216 pages