Half Pads

Fleece Correction Half Pad Black

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  • Ergonomic Correction Fleece Half Pad
  • Correction Pad
  • High-loft, dense 1 1/4" long 100% Australian fleece with lightweight fabric
  • Natural cushioning and moisture wicking
  • Split Wither Relief to relieve pressure across the withers and Spine Relief
  • Two front and rear pockets along the spine
  • Pockets can be used to make a total of 24 unique saddle fit adjustments
  • Lightweight Shims are inserted from the top
  • High Quality Construction
  • Hand Wash & Air Dry - Remove Inserts
  • Ideal for AP or Jumping Saddles
  • Sold as a single unit. Full set of shims included. Extra thick shims sold separately.
  • Item # 1772-HP001A Black