Contour Saddle Pads

Wool-Satin Pad

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  • Virgin wool fiber lining with a sheared coolback fleece top
  • Combines comfort, absorbency, breathability and easy care
  • Correct look is popular with foxhunters and endurance riders
  • White with Natural bottom
  • Machine washable.

To extend the life of the pad, we recommend laying the pad flat away from heat for drying. If you must use the dryer, use the cool setting.

  • Item # 19-314 Full Flap 17-17.5"
  • Item # 19-314E Full Flap 18-18.5"
  • Item # 19-314H Half Flap 17-17.5"
  • Item # 19-314EH Half Flap 18-18.5"