Grazing Muzzles

Best Friends Graze More Muzzle

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  • Best Friends Graze More Muzzle
  • Lightweight Grazing Muzzle reduces grass intake on slightly obese horses
  • Constructed with larger openings for easy breathing
  • Adds slightly more grass intake
  • Lighter in weight than other Best Friend muzzles
  • A thick bottom guarantees durability for even the most aggressive eaters
  • The roomy fit is comfortable for chewing and unrestricted drinking.
  • The all-in-one design eliminates the need to use a halter
  • A velcro breakaway closure piece is a safety feature designed to break away if needed
  • The halter is adjustable throughout allowing for a good fit

         Sizes: Pony, Cob, Horse, and Large Horse

  • Item # 282-GMGM-20

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