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Electro-Groom Vacuum / Blower

Electro-Groom Vacuum / Blower

This powerful unit minimizes the labor of hand brushing as the attachments allow you to clean as you go. The unit itself measures 28" tall and is extremely portable on its 2" wide by 8 " wheels. 
It has two, powerful, turbine motors that come with the standard US 120 V plug and run at 575 W, and 14.85 Amps each and combine to produce a tremendous 150 inches of water lift!  Both motors are covered with a two-year manufacturer's warranty!  
  • Both a blower for drying and a vacuum for cleaning!
  • 10' hose is crush-proof and comes with many attachments
  • The curved swivel end is chrome - 1-1/2" ID
  • Serrated jet vac nozzle
  • Vinyl spaghette brush
  • Curry comb
  • Blower tip is round
  • Additional shipping charges may apply due to weight
  • Item # EG154