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Pocket Ice Boots

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  • Pocket Ice Boots
 Six Pocket Ice Boot is 18.5 tall, is convenient for icing from just below the knee or hock down to the pastern. It has six inside elastic pockets and five hook fasteners  
Nine Pocket Ice Boot is 23 tall, this boot can be used to ice from above the knee or hock all the way to the pastern. With nine individual pockets and six hook fasteners for a custom fit.

  • Both six and nine pocket:
  • Elastic pockets gradually introduce your horse to the temperature change as the ice melts, slowly penetrating the pockets and cooling the horse's leg
  • Designed to use real crushed ice
  • Sold in pairs
  • Item # 1725-WC202 Six Pocket
  • ​Item # 1725-WC204 Nine Pocket