Treatment / Soaking

Arma Soaking Boot

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  • Arma Soaking Boot


Size Heel to Toe Side to Side (Width)
Small 14cm 12cm
Medium 15cm 13cm
Large 16cm 14cm
Ex-Large 17cm 15cm
  • Be sure to measure hoof as sizing is not the same as your shoe size!
  • The ARMA Horse Boot, also known as the medicine or poultice boot. ARMA Horse Boots can be used for soaking, poulticing and conditioning.
  • Keep the hoof clean and dry or use the Horse Boot for direct application of medicine to treat abscesses, thrush, puncture wounds and other foot conditions.
  • Using this boot will also relieve pressure when signs of bruising, corns or cankers appear.
  • This boot ensures extreme durability due to the triple-layered non-slip bottom, made of a tough polyvinyl compound and is durable enough even for use on a horse with shoes.
  • Item # 299-0142NB