Pelham Bits

NovoContact Single Joint Pelham

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  • The Sprenger NovoContact Pelham Single Jointed Bit is uniquely shaped, especially sensitive.
  • NovoContact bits are designed to create a unique oval shape which widens the contact surface on the tongue while the rider keeps a steady contact. As the rider gives a rein aid the mouthpiece turns forward and the contact surface gets narrower, ensuring more precise and effective communication.
  • The Pelham is a bit that provides additional lever action on the poll. Pressure is applied to the lower jaw bones by the use of a curb chain. In a way the Pelham is a combination of a Weymouth and a bradoon. Pelhams can be used with one or two reins, which enables different rein options. Direct pressure is applied to the horse's tongue and bars if the rider only uses the snaffle rein.
  • It is very common to use a double rein as it enables the ability to apply pressure on the horse's poll if necessary. Pelhams are also widely used with Pelham straps. This strap is attached to the upper and lower cheek piece ring and the rein is fixed to this strap.
  • 45mm Stainless Steel ring
  • Available in 5", 5.50", and 5.34"


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