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HS Novocontact Single Joint Bit

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  • Herm Sprenger novocontact Single Jointed Eggbutt
  • Uniquely shaped and especially sensitive, ensuring precise and effective communication to improve the interaction between horse and riders for better contact and acceptance of the bit.
  • Oval shaped mouth increases surface area on the tongue and bars without taking up extra space in the mouth (like a typical round-shaped bit does). This unique oval shape of the novocontact bit creates a soft, wide surface area impact with normal contact and intensifies the impact as stronger rein aids are applied (rolling the bit forward, making the surface area narrower).
  • Herm Sprenger novocontact single jointed bits are recommended for horses with a sensitive mouth that are not confident about taking contact. Bit has a16 mm mouth, 65 mm rings. Sensogan mouthpiece with Stainless Steel Rings. Made in Germany
  • Item # 40344-11578 4 1/2"
  • Item # 40344-12578 5"
  • Item # 40344-13578 5 1/2"
  • Item # 40344-14578 5 3/4"