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Stubben EZ Control D Bit

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  • Stubben EZ Control D Bit
  • Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides
  • Enhanced effect with minimun pressure on the reins
  • Allows gentle and sensitive aids
  • Enables easier communication between horse and rider
  • Top-class and professional show jumpers inspired us in the development of the EZ-CONTROL-BIT.
  • Their horses (show jumpers) often have a very strong impulsion, making it difficult at times for the rider to bring the horse back before each jump.
  • When using too severe bits however, horses become too cautious, resulting in a lack of speed and power in the jumping course.
  • With the EZ-CONTROL-BIT we have developed a bit which is very effective and has a strong action on demand, yet positioned soft and comfortable in the horse’s mouth.


  • Item # 247-2251P Pony 4 1/2 & 4 3/4
  • Item # 247-2251H Horse 5 - 6