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Men's Riding Attire

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Men's Tweed Jackets


Our finest tweed jacket, the Chatham is cut longer and makes a natural,
comfortable presentation, the perfect image for riding.

Crafted in the traditional British manner, the cut and construction promise impressive longevity.
The weight and weave of the Scottish cloth, the tones and patterns of the materials
all reflect the sportsman's ultimate requirements in a jacket of the highest quality.

Size guide: 38-50 regular and long with short available in 40-42-44.
Not all sizes available in all cloths. Prices starting at $595.00

Chatham MC32

Chatham MC31

Chatham MC30

Chatham MC29

Chatham MC28

Chatham MC25

Chatham MC24

Chatham MC21

Chatham MC20

Chatham MC19

Chatham MC17

Chatham MC16

Chatham MC12


The Southdown brings together all the elements of a sportsman's jacket.

The tailoring presents the right fit for riding to hounds. Scottish cloth will stand the trials of the hunt field.
Storm tab, essential pockets, and special detailing round out this attractive package.
Wear your Southdown to hunt, to breakfast, to the races, to any outdoor sporting event.
Its classically elegant styling will even make an impression when worn to the office.

Size guide: 38-52 regular and long. Not all sizes available in all cloths.
Prices starting at $595.00


Southdown MS28

Southdown MS27

Southdown MS26

Southdown MS25

Southdown MS11

Southdown MS9

Southdown MS8

Southdown MS7

Southdown MS3 Keeper's Tweed


Anticipation rises with the start of each new cub hunting season.

On many days, so does the temperature. You need a jacket suitable for both the chill of sunrise
and the warmth of the morning's final run. The solution is the Vicmead created by Horse Country.
This lightweight jacket is crafted from fine quality wool cloth and accomodates a range of temperatures -
from misty cool to sunny sultry - with comfort and style. The exceptional finish and details combine
to make the Vicmead the perfect hunt breakfast attire.

Men's sizes 38-50 regular and long with short available in 38-40-42.
Not all sizes available in all cloths. Prices starting at  $595.00


Vicmead MV14

Vicmead MV13

Vicmead MV12

Vicmead MV11

Vicmead MV10

Vicmead MV9

Vicmead MV8

Vicmead MV7

Vicmead MV6

Vicmead MV5
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