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Stride Control

Stride Control by Jen Marsden Hamilton
Understanding how to count strides helps to develop the rider's eye and "feel." Stride control means producing the correct number of strides and quality of stride to jump the jumps at hand--the emphasis is on the quality of strides, not just the number. It is one of the skills that enables the rider to achieve success, whatever the size of the jumps.
Jen Marsden Hamilton has coached countless riders and horses around the world in the striding techniques that brought her success during her own impressive competitive career, and here Hamilton has compiled her knowledge in a concise book of exercises and insightful strategies. Inside you'll find:
Detailed setup for specific exercises.
Connecting flatwork for between ground poles or jumps, such as transitions and serpentines.
Strategies for completing the exercises and analyzing the outcome.
Appropriate exercises for the rider's desired discipline and level.


Paperback, 176 pages