Virginia's Blue Ridge


Virginia's Blue Ridge - a Pictorial Journal, by T.C. Pellegatta Jr.
Ted Pellegatta has worn a lot of hats in his life. When he’s doing what he loves best, however, he usually has to remove the hat – the brim interferes with the camera.

The rest of us should take our hats off for another reason: Just shy of his 72nd birthday, longtime Rappahannock County resident, itinerant chef, cancer survivor, occasional horseman and habitual photographer Pellegatta has finally published a book of his photos of Rappahannock and the Blue Ridge.

They are – in a word – moving. Science has yet to understand why.

The 109 photos in “Virginia’s Blue Ridge: A Pictorial Journey” were chosen from the many thousands Pellegatta has taken over the 30-odd years since he met both the Blue Ridge and a 35mm film camera for the first time. Each one of them has the potential to remind you of why you came here, or why you stay here.

Hardcover, 104 pages