Various Authors

To Wake A Kingdom

Waking Sleeping Beauty is only the beginning….
When Prince Rhodri, the fiancé of Crown Princess Calissa of Ecclesia, goes missing, everyone is rightly concerned. But no one realizes this disappearance is a foreshadowing of something much worse. The day before Calissa’s twentieth birthday, an ancient enemy reappears and manipulates her into pricking her finger on a rose, an action causing the whole kingdom to fall into an enchanted sleep. Only Aislinn, Calissa’s best friend, escapes. Though Aislinn is a Brenwyd, a race of people gifted to fight magic, she knows she cannot defeat such a powerful sorceress alone and goes in search of Rhodri to help break the spell with true love’s kiss. Will she be able to do so in time?

Paperback, 346 pages