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Broke in a Tangle

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Broke in a Tangle by Tim Rice.

The subtitle tells it all, "Legends and Losers - a Lifetime of Turf Memories". Tim Rice, as a commentator, writer, handicapper-bettor, owner, breeder, trainer, and exercise rider, has experienced every aspect of Thoroughbred racing, so he writes with authority.

Famous and not-so-famous jockeys, trainers, horses, and even a racetrack are addressed here, and Rice pulls no punches where he feels blame is to be placed, such as on the trainer of the ill-fated Black Gold, run even when lame, until he broke his leg in his last race and was destroyed at the track.

This enjoyable collection of articles written over a broad span of time contains current updates so readers are apprised of what happened to the people and the horses portrayed.

This will bring back a lot of memories for those of us dating from the middle of the last century.

Mr. Rice, a Louisiana native, is donating net income from the book to a fund established to aid victims of the devastating Katrina flood.

Illustrated with b&w photos.

Hardcover, 191 pages