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The Horse/The Epic History of Our Noble Companion

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The Horse/The Epic History of Our Noble Companion by Wendy Williams
The horse is one of the few mammals that has a relatively unbroken skeletal record of its development from the dog-sized Dawn Horse (eohippus) to its current form, equus. Williams traces this development, but not exactly in a linear fashion. Weaving back and forth from present-day horses and their behavior to their ancient ancestors with a series of anecdotes, she fleshes out the bones and brings all to life. While reading this as a library book, I discovered much has been added to our scientific knowledge since I first learned about the horse’s history as a teenager reading George Gaylord Simpson’s detailed account, Horses. Indeed, the term eohippus seems to have fallen out of favor. Williams’s version is highly readable and may stimulate readers to delve deeper into paleohistory as well as bringing better understanding of the modern version’s behavior. Paperback, 304pp.

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