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Horse Country Store

Estate and Jewelry

Art Estate Equestrian Jewelry Fine Jewelry Men's Jewelry Vintage Jewelry

Equestrian Jewelry

Signature Collection

Stubbs Bangle Bracelet

Trill Bangle Bracelet

Chase Bangle Bracelet

Black Forest Collection

Trot Horse Bracelet

Polo Bracelet

Victorian Horse Necklace

Black Horse Head Necklace

Rust Horse Head Necklace

Turquoise Horse Head Necklace

Round Horse Necklace

Verdigris Patina Horse Pin

Hunt Scene Necklace

Polo Pin

Five Foxes Collection

Five Foxes Necklace

Five Foxes Bracelet

Five Foxes Charm Bracelet

Five Foxes Earrings

Five Foxes Pearl Purple Necklace

Little Foxes Collection

Vixen Silver Earring

Vixen Vermeil Double Earring

Catherine Canino Collection

Vermeil Horseshoe Clip Earrings

Silver Horseshoe Clip Earrings

Vermeil Foxhunter Necklace

Vermeil Horseshoe Charm

Silver Horseshoe Charm

Vermeil Disk Nubuck

Fox Pearl Bracelet Set

Lariat Fox Necklace

Equestrian Pearls Collection

Fox Pearl Stretch Bracelet Sage

Snaffle Earth Pearl Bracelet

The Ashland Collection

Ashland Pewter Fox

Ashland Rose Fox

Ashland Pewter Rabbit

Ashland Rose Rabbit

Montrose Leather Collection

Montrose Fox Leather Necklace

Montrose Sage Plaited Necklace

Leather Wrap Arrow Bracelet Black

Leather Wrap Arrow Bracelet Orange

Leather Wrap Arrow Bracelet Brown

Winsome Collection

Winsome Belt Buckle

Fox Enamel Bracelet and Earrings

Winsome Curb Necklace Black

Costume Jewelry

Good Horse Gold Earrings

Good Horse Silver Earrings

Good Luck Charms

Gold Horse Shoe Charm Necklace

Silver Horse Shoe Charm Necklace

Side-Saddle Charm

Side-Saddle Necklace


Forest Fox Necklaces

Forest Horse Necklaces

Glass Fox Intaglio Pink Necklace


Beaded Leather Lilac

Beaded Leather Red

Navajo Bracelet White


Basset Charm


Signature HC Pins

Fox Mask Pin

Enamel Fox Pin/Broche

Foxhunter Emblem Pin
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