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The Allen Illustrated Guide to Training Aids

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On Sale!

The Allen Illustrated Guide to Training Aids by Hilary Vernon.

Longe lines, side reins and cavessons were the training aids in my youth, with maybe a martingale or dropped noseband for tougher customers.

Now we have the Chambon, de Gogue, Nathe Combi, Pessoa, and other contraptions designed to help set the horse’s head and make training easier/faster.  Do you really need all this stuff? What is it, anyway? This handy guide will give you some idea what the trainer is talking about when he or she starts talking about various gadgets. (Note: there are a lot of trainers who believe the old ways are best, that "quick fixes" don’t achieve what slow, patient work does and can even harm the horse. But you ought to know what these things are designed to do, how they were intended to be used, and how not to use them!) Included are longeing & long-reining equipment, martingales & nosebands, combination bridles, whips, and items designed for horse and rider protection.

Hardcover, 95 pages